Biokineticist in Hartenbos


Bio-Kinetic’s in Hartenbos is run and owned by Alwyn Mulder, a registered Biokineticist who is passionate about helping people. Here he treats people with a variety of sport and orthopedic injuries through the modality of exercise and personalized exercise prescriptions.

Biokinetics in Hartenbos

Exercise Rehabilitation in the Garden Route, Hartenbos


Here at Bio-Kinetic’s in Hartenbos we use exercise rehabilitation for people with chronic disease, sport injuries and diseases of lifestyle such as Cardiac Risk Factors e.g. Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Smoking, Inactivity and Obesity in the Garden Route.

Biokinetics in Hartenbos

Bio-Kinetic’s Gymnasium in Hartenbos


Bio-Kinetic’s Gymnasium in Hartenbos helps our clients with Cardiac Risk Factors, Orthopedic Injuries or any Chronic Diseases. We assist our clients with health promotion and the maintenance of physical ability as well as specialized exercise program prescriptions.

Contact Alwyn Mulder from Bio-Kinetic’s in Hartenbos today to discuss how to promote your health. We are located in the Aura Aesta Complex, Kamassie Street, Hartenbos