Cleaning Solution for Moldy Surfaces in George

Cleaning Solution for Moldy Surfaces in George

If you have a moldy surface problem Suid-Kaap Seep in George has the solution for you! With their own formulated brand of Thick Bleach mold will be a thing of the past.

Spray the Suid-Kaap Seep Thick Bleach on the surface you want to clean, wait an half an hour to an hour and wipe off. Some moldy surfaces might require some scrubbing and repeated treatment.

The Thick Bleach is available in different size containers and at affordable prices. They also stock all the equipment you will need for your cleaning project.

  • 1 liter bottle at R25
  • 2 liter bottle at R45
  • 5 liter bottle at R90

For big cleaning jobs they also gave 25 liter containers!

Be sure to visit the Suid-Kaap Seep shop in George for all your cleaning materials!
They have a wide range of cleaning materials for your home, office, car, boat, drains and more! All at great prices!