Cleaning Supplies in Riversdale

Mega Magic Degreaser in Riversdale

Mega Magic Degreaser in Riversdale

Brand Chemical Supplies in Riversdale stocks a large range of cleaning supplies at their shop. This month’s featured product is Mega Magic Degreaser.

This is an excellent all-purpose degreaser, strong enough for industrial use, yet gentle enough for household and even laundry. Uses include cleaning/ degreasing floors, tiles, work surfaces, engines, grills, pots, jewelry, upholstery and toilets.

Dissolves fat, oil and grease in cold water with streak free rinsing.
Mega Magic Degreaser is a water rinse able degreaser for the effective and efficient removal of oil, grease and wax from surfaces.

  • General degreaser and cleaner for steel surfaces in the surface preparation process.
  • In the motor trade for degreasing of cold engines, factory machinery and agricultural equipment before spray coating.
  • For industrial and household use to clean oily and greasy enamel painted walls, garage floors and to remove floor polish prior to varnishing or painting.

Product available in the following volumes:

  • 1 Litre
  • 5 Litres
  • 25 Litres

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