Frozen Foods Factory Shop Specials in George

Frozen Foods Factory Shop

Specials on Frozen Vegetables in George

You can save money on your grocery bills with Frozen Foods Factory Shop in George. They offer specials on a selection of frozen vegetables and other frozen food items during their October 2016 month end specials.

  • Banting Stir Dry – R29.50/kg
  • Cheesy Cauliflower Bake – R24.50/kg
  • Mash Potato – R16.50/500g
  • 3 Way Mix – R19.00/kg
  • Carrot Fingers – R27.00/kg
  • Peas – R23.00/kg
  • 1kg Mexican Stir Fry – R29.90/kg
  • Bacon Pieces – R59.50/kg
  • 250g Dice Carrots – R6/250g
  • Mixed Veg – R22.50/kg
  • 1kg Spinach, Tomato & Onion Mix – R23.00/kg
  • Potato Wedges – R29.50/750g
  • 15 x 60g Sausage Rolls – R29.50/15
  • 10kg Chicken Leg Quarters (no brine injected) R318.00/10kg
  • 20 x 70g Burgers (Chicken, Texan, Dhania and Pepper) – R39.80
  • Samoosa Pastry – R48.50/50 strips

They also stock a variety of cocktail products including samosa’s, spring rolls, fish bites, sausage rolls and chicken nuggets ideal for platters.

All specials are valid while stocks last. More specials in store.