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Clean Healthy Purified Drinking Water in George

Purified Water Refill Shop in George

Oasis Water in George is one of the leading water suppliers in the Garden Route and offers their clients clean and healthy purified water. You may be surprised what is in your glass of water you have just taken from the tap. We know, because we test the water. Therefore we have brought you RO3 Oasis Water. RO3 Oasis water isn’t simply H2O. Oh no, it’s so much more! Well, one more to be precise. That’s because RO3 Oasis water is filled with a super-charged form of oxygen (O2) called ozone (O3). Aside from being the most powerful oxidizer known to man (or woman), ozone neutralizes free radicals (bad thingies), increases the intake and utilization of oxygen in the body by stimulating the formation of anti-oxidant enzymes, as well as improving circulation amongst other really good things. So why not try RO3 Oasis’s super oxygenated water today and go one better – Clean healthy drinking water always available.

Purified Water Refill Shop in George

Purified Water Refill Shop in George
Oasis Water George offers a large range of purified bottled water to choose from, as well as a refill option for larger containers. Bring your larger water containers and refill for only R1.20 per liter.

100% natural Fruit Juices available in George

Purified Water Refill Shop in George

You can now get your 100% natural Fruit Juices that undergoes the same treatment as our water from Oasis Water in George. Our juices are:
  • Fortified with extra oxygen RO3
  • Sugar free
  • Tartrazine free
  • Vitamin B enriched
  • All our juices are available in 300ml, 500ml, 1.5 & 3l
  • Oasis Water offers a range of Still Water, Sparkling Water, Sparkling Flavoured Water, Dispensers, Ice, as well as Juices!
We can supply to anyone from the individual, businesses, schools, restaurants to hotels.
Oasis Water George Trading Hours:
Mondays – Fridays 08h00-17h30 and Saturdays 08h00-13h30