Spot a Whale in Mossel Bay

Whale Watching Trips in Mossel Bay

Whales in Mossel Bay

It’s whaling season and the Mossel Bay area coastline is once again the play ground of numbers of Southern Right Whales. Charmaine Klapwijk from the Romonza Boat Trips in Mossel Bay, one of the only registered passenger boats along the South African coast, sent us these beautiful photographs of whales that have been spotted along the Mossel Bay area a few days ago.

Whale Watching Trips in Mossel Bay

Whale Watching Trips in Mossel Bay

Book a whale watching trips in Mossel Bay with the Romonza Boat Trips and get the chance to see one of these mammals up close. A whale watching trip takes anything from 1 ½ hours to 3 hours, all depending on the proximity of the whales.

Rates for Whale Watching in Mossel Bay

  • R 660 per adult
  • R 400 per child

Photographer – Kay Prinsloo.

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