Useful everyday uses of Benzine you might not even know of

Benzine Supplier in Mossel Bay

Benzine Supplier in Mossel Bay

Brand Chemical Supplies in Mossel Bay now also stocks Benzine. Many of us will still remember how we often on wash day smelt the odour of Benzine that was uses to clean Dads suit. There are many other uses of Benzine. See how versatile this product really is from removing fat, gum and resin to getting rid of ants.

Uses for Benzine:

  • Used as a solvent for fats, gums and resins.
  • Used extensively in the dry cleaning of clothes.
  • Used for manufacture of varnishes
  • Used to enrich coal gas and sometimes fuel.
  • Destroys ants nests by injecting into nest.
  • To clean bathtubs and washbowls in a bathroom.
  • Eliminate bed bugs by washing down mattress on a sponge.
  • To polish copper kettles by dipping a cloth in fuel and sprinkling pumice on it
  • Wash delicate fabrics such as silk curtains
  • To wash woolen fabrics in a goatskin rug
  • To wash floor coverings with to remove fleas from them.
  • To wash gloves the same as washing your hands.
  • To repel moths by soaking a cloth in benzine
  • To remove oil stains from marble by mixing with chalk or whitening.
  • To remove paint from woodwork
  • To remove grease from a stove
  • To clean upholstered furniture by saturating with benzene and scrubbing with a brush.
  • Add water to wash windows.

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