Winter Care Products at Brand Chemical Supplies in Mossel Bay

Tissue Products in Mossel Bay

Tissue Products in Mossel Bay

The winter months are known for its cold weather, soup and rainy days, but it is also known for its runny noses, dried out skin especially dry hands and feet to name a few. Brand Chemical Supplies Mossel Bay stocks a range of quality and affordable tissues products. The tissues are available in either boxes or pockets that are ideal for school or your handbag. They also offer a range of high quality hand and body lotion, foot or body scrubs and more. There is no need to feel dried out this winter with these amazing products available at really affordable prices.

Brand Chemical Supplies is known for their wide range of affordable, high quality cleaning supplies, general cleaning accessories and the all purpose cleaner HD313.

Visit them in Bland Street Mossel Bay for your winter care products such as tissues, body lotion and scrubs.