George Based Disinfectant and Cleaning Company

George Based Disinfectant and Cleaning Company

Gerox is a complete home and office disinfectant and cleaning solution for a safer and healthier work and home environment. This owner operated George based branch with head office in Bloemfontein serves the surrounding Garden Route and Western Cape area as far as Cape Town. Their mission is to create a healthy environment where people can live, work and play throughout South Africa.

Sanitizing and Surface Protection Service in George

One of the products includes an environmentally responsible solution that disinfects and protects surfaces from a vast array of microorganisms. Once applied this sanitizing and deep cleaning solution, dries on the surface and renders its superficial properties as anti-bacterial. The product can be applied to any surface including touch-points such as handles, hand rails, lift interiors, escalator hand rests, basins, bathtubs, showers, tiles, counters, grout, sinks, walls, floors, concrete and stone, waste bins, stainless steel and aluminium surfaces, carpets, upholstery, furniture, including food contact surfaces and equipment. The trained Gerox application teams specialize in sanitizing Government Departments, Educational Facilities, Hospitality, Food Services, Commercial Offices, Small Businesses, Exercise Centres, Recreational Facilities, Healthcare Centre and Shopping Complexes.

Western Cape Personal Protective Equipment Supplier

Gerox is a supplier of personal protective equipment to businesses in the Western Cape and throughout South Africa. Their product range includes:

  • Disposable Face Masks – 3 layer Medical Masks
  • Disposable Face Masks – KN95 same as N95
  • Hand Sanitizers in Spray Bottles
  • Medical Skin Gloves
  • Disposable Sanitizer Wipes
  • IR Thermometer
  • Protective Suites
  • Covid -19 Self Test Kits