Posture Tips by Cecile Steyn Physiotherapist in George

Posture Tips Physiotherapist George

The well-known physiotherapist, Cecile Steyn, in George has treated a large number of patients with back and neck pain caused by sitting incorrectly while working at a desk. Sitting incorrectly while working is one of the main courses of back and neck pain these days. Your posture and the way you are sitting while working is more important than what most people think. Here are a couple of tips on the correct posture from Cecile that could help you.

  1. Table height = elbow height
  2. Wrist in a neutral (straight) posture
  3. Head upright and over your shoulders
  4. Eyes looking slightly downward without bending  the neck
  5. Backrest should support the natural curve of the lower back
  6. Elbows bent at 90˚, forearms horizontal, shoulders should be relaxed not raised
  7. Thighs horizontal with a 90 to 110˚ angle at the hip
  8. Feet supported and flat on the floor. If this is not possible then feet should be fully supported by a footrest.

Should you experience back and neck pain make an appointment with Cecile Steyn for treatment before it gets much worse. You don’t have to suffer!

Posture Tips by Cecile Steyn Physiotherapist in George

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