SEIKO Prime Progressive lenses now available in Hartenbos

SEIKO Prime Progressive lenses now available in Hartenbos

Optometrist in Hartenbos

Sonja van Graan Optometrists in Hartenbos is a registered supplier of SEIKO Prime lenses in the Southern Cape. These progressive lenses meet the highest requirements and provide you with perfect vision near and far and the most relaxing viewing experience.
These innovative lenses are finely balanced to enable sharp vision and are optimally adapted to the patient’s individual requirements.

They are made to measure, taking each individual parameter into account, with a natural feel and relaxed visual experience without strain. There will be no need to change glasses and the eyes will quickly adapt with these thin and lightweight lenses.

There are a variety of lens coatings available and the SEIKO Super Resistant Blue coating is specially formulated to help reduce the irritating blue light that computer screens, tablets and mobile phones generate.

Possible signs of digital eye strain could include:

  • Headaches towards the front of the head and around the eyes.
  • Sore and tired eyes.
  • Body fatigue, feeling tired and wanting to close your eyes.
  • Vision fluctuation, which occurs when the muscles in the eyes become so used to focusing on a digital device that they can’t relax when they look at something else.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Poor night vision, which results from eye muscles being over stressed from constantly trying to focus on light sources and a digital device.
  • Dry, red eyes.
  • Itchy eyes that you need to rub frequently.
  • Reduced concentration. As most of the symptoms

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