Servicing and Sales of Breathing Apparatus in Mossel Bay

Bring your Breathing apparatus to TJ & H Fire Services for servicing, inspection and cleaning. They replace face mask lenses; do a leak test, as well as reparations.

Servicing and Sales of Breathing Apparatus in Mossel Bay

Services with regards to Breathing Apparatus includes the following in Mossel Bay

  • Inspection of Auger and Draeger breathing apparatus
  • Rate per recharge
  • Inspection of Auer SSR 30/100 and Draeger oxybox self rescuers ( vacuum test and visual inspection)
  • Service of breathing apparatus
  • Replacement of Face mask lenses and leak test
  • Testing
  • Testing, repairing, cleaning and recommissioning of Auer and Draeger reserve air airline boxes
  • Cleaning and disinfecting full face masks
  • Servicing of breathing apparatus (6 yearly inspection)
  • Visual and functional inspection of additional breathing apparatus equipment namely airline hoses or quick fill connectors

TJ & H Fire Services based in Voorbaai, Mossel Bay offers their services across the Southern Cape and Karoo areas. Let their 5 qualified technicians offer you their outstanding and professional service.