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Dan’s Exhaust in George has an excellent reputation with their honest, experienced and friendly advice and service. They specialize in exhausts and silencers of all vehicles. To prevent unnecessary expenses there are a couple of simple and easy things you can keep in mind. The tip of the month from Dan’s Exhaust is how to prolong the silencer boxes of your vehicle.

How to prolong the silencer boxes of your vehicle

Short distance drives and unnecessary starting and stopping your vehicle causes the silencer box to rust from the inside quicker! If you drive short distances for instance from work and you park in front of your house or garage and pull your car into the garage later – that causes condensate in your exhaust system. The condensation settles in the silencer boxes, usually at the back silencer and causes it to rust from the inside. It is better to pull the vehicle into the garage or it’s normal parking space immediately when getting home or try to avoid short distances, stops and starts.